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by valenti™ ORGANICS. Where Art Meets Nature, Meets Science.

We believe natural skincare shouldn't be complicated, should feel good, provide results, it shouldn't contain hidden toxic ingredients, and must be cruelty-free.

Simple ingredients, amazing results™

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Bath Bomb Set Bundle of Three
Bath Bomb Set Bundle of Three$27.55  $26.17
-  SALE -
Why have one when you can have three? A cute little set of 3 Bath Treats perfectly packaged to g...
Black Earthenware Bowl, Brush and Wooden Mixing Paddle Mask Set
Black Earthenware Bowl, Brush and Wooden Mixing Paddle Mask Set$15.00
Our beautifully crafted Black Earthenware Bowl, Brush & Wooden Paddle Mask Set are the perfe...
Roses & Cloves Whipped Body Souffle
Roses & Cloves Whipped Body Souffle$20.00
Highly moisturizing, multi-functional, lightweight, non-greasy whipped body balm for the belly a...
The Bush & Stash Beard Balm™
The Bush & Stash Beard Balm™$15.00
The Bush & Stash™ Beard Balm is grown in Detroit to make manly beards and women happy. For...

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New! 3 Gorgeous Milk Bath SaltsNew! 3 Gorgeous Milk Bath Salts

Last week we soft unveiled our 3 New & GORGEOUS! Milk Bath Salts on Instagram: California Wildflower Meadow Milk Bath Salts, English Rose Garden Milk Bath Salts (my favorite! ssh, don't tell anyone) and French Lavender Fields Milk Bath Salts... [Continue Reading]

Facial Clay Masks, dos and donts.Facial Clay Masks, dos and donts.

They come in beautiful colors, from all over the world, and provide a myriad of benefits to the skin. The most popular and beneficial clays come from France, although many good ones are sourced from… [Continue Reading]

Find out what the little numbers in our skin care bottles meanFind out what the little numbers in our skin care bottles mean

It might be very obvious to you, as one of our customers, or as someone with basic knowledge in skin care, but not obvious to so many, so here it is. The numbers on the front of our skincare product labels indicate… [Continue Reading]

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